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What is Intergenerational Learning (IL)?

“An Intergenerational Program is a planned intentional interaction of different age groups, infant to elderly, in a variety of situations at a level that provides close communication, sharing of feelings and ideas and co-operative activity in meaningful tasks.”     

— Peacock and Talley, Intergenerational Contact: A way to Counteract Ageism 1984

Preparing Jams

What does IL look like at Pine Pals?

We are teaming up with GoldPine Home's Life Enrichment program to structure supervised interactions for our children and our "grandfriends" to interact on a daily basis, including arts & crafts, music, reading & storytelling, gardening, indoor & outdoor play, and much more.  The IL program's intentions are to nurture numerous social and emotional skills, to build strength in community, and to witness the wealth of wisdom that can be shared by some of our youngest and eldest community members.  

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See our very first visit with our Grandfriends here ----->

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